Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Term 2!!!

Homework week 1
We are having technical difficulty with the computer system at school so homework has not been printed today.

Spelling: 10 words to learn and test. Use Spelling City for fun games using your words or practice by  Say it, Spell it, Cover it, write it, check it.
Reading: is to be recorded on the homework sheet now. Record the title and pages read.
Maths: Basic facts at your individual level to be practiced by playing games like 'Salute' or 'Number plates'. $2 shop has add./sub. and mult./div. cards available for ...$2
Websites like and  have games and links to sites for online practice.(NZ Maths site go to; Families-Activities to do at home)

Our Homework interest section is Art Costa's  Habits of Mind. These are 16 behaviours that highly effective people display when facing a problem. These traits have been researched over the 
years and when taught can improve problem solving capacity.
Search 'Habits of Mind' and identify what Habits you use and what ones you know you are not so good at.
Record in your homework book in an interesting way showing the habits 'Striving for Accuracy' and 'Creating, imagining and Innovating' (in other words your work needs to be interestingly displayed and accurately copied).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Homework week 10

No homework this week
Have a happy Easter!!

Homework week 9

Homework this week is finishing your passport then filling in the self assessment section on the last page. Remember to get your parent's signature and comment too!