Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My first post Susi

Being Sunsmart
Hi I'm Susannah also known as Susi.
In Room 3 we are learning how to be sunsmart!
First we talked about sunscreen.
We didn't find out what the best sunscreen is but we might find out.
Also where long sleeves for everything!
Well, better go now... bye!

My first post Papuni

In Room 3 we had Constable ODonavon  in to talk to us about kia kaha we watched two video's about kia kaha. A few weeks after Constable ODonavon came in, Constable Garlin came in and tought us how to ride a bike safely and with care. Go to go bye!

My first post Anna

In the first couple of weeks at school, we have been swimming.
I hope you can get the pool keys this year.
There are two pools at Nayland Primary a shallow and a deep pool.
The shallow pool is long and the deep one is short.
 I hope you can make it there.
 It is paradise!

My first post , joseph

This year I have learn about graphs. Like column graphs and pictographs, I all so learnt about sun safety. My desk group learn slip and Vitamin D.

My first post /Leigha

Hi my name is leigha. For my first 2 weeks i have love doing swiming. It has been rellly cool because I like to to learn new things so then each time i can get better at more things of what i have learnd wich i like im happy about that.

My first post /Quaid

I've been learning about personality types  .My personality type is a monkey/otter and I am a kinaesthetic learner. There is  a range personality types the other types are lions,foxes and turtles.

My first post ,Wiremu

This year I have been learning about different types of bulling like cyber bulling and verbal bulling and I have been learning about different types of graphs like column graphs and pictographs.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Being Sunsmart

Today we are learning about sun safety. We were put into groups and we had to find out 5 interesting facts about our area of sun safety.

Our group was learning about Tanning.
1. Some people have naturally darker skin (melanin) and tan more easily.
2. People with more Melanin are better protected against skin cancer than other
Our group was finding out about Sunscreen.
1. If you use a sunscreen with less than SPF 30+ you have more chance of getting burnt.
2. You should avoid using sunscreen on babies under 1 year old.
3. Babies should be covered up rather than have sunscreen but if they might get burnt you should put sunscreen only on the areas of skin not covered -and if their skin reacts, stop using it.
4. Sunscreen that has been in a hot place needs to be replaced.
                                                                                    5. You need to reapply every 2 hours even if you        
                                                                                    have been in the water.

Our group was finding out about sun safety in the water and snow

1. When you are in the water you get 50% less Ultraviolet radiation so you can still get burnt.
2. On sunny days the snow can reflect 85-90% of  UVR so you can get brunt from the sun above and below you.
3. You can get snow blindness from not wearing sunglasses.

Our group was learning about the Ozone Layer and Ultra Violet Radiation (UVR)
1. Ozone is found throughout the earth's atmosphere and it acts like a giant shield against the sun's harmful rays.
2. The amount of UVR varies throughout the day. It is strongest when the sun is highest.
3. During the summer the UVI (Ultraviolet Index) is shared on the TV, radio and in the newspaper.
Sunsmart behaviour is recommended from UVI level 3 and above.

Our group was learning about Sunscreen and Vitamin D.

Our group was learning about Skin Cancer (Melanoma).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Welcome to 2012

Welcome to our blog. 
Here is where we will be sharing some of our work, photos and videos. Each person in the class will post on this blog so keep an eye open for new bloggers adding their thoughts.