Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interhouse BasketBall - By Shontelle

Kia ora, my name's Shontelle. I am a House Captain for Cotterell. Josh and I had our first assignment as official House Captains and here's what it was; Mrs Gass set up a time for the school to compete in their houses. The House Captains for Heaphy, Cotterell, Spooner and Brunner had to go round and get as many people as they could to sign up and play Basketball. Josh and I mannaged to get enough people to play. 
Today Cotterell competed agenst Brunner, unfortunately Cotterell lost. The final score was 14-16. 
But no matter what the end score was, it was really fun. Good job Brunner and Cotterell!

My first post Josh

In Room 3 over the past few weeks we have been learning about water and we made posters that show why we need to save water.
Mine was an electricity and water poster it said 'flick the switch' and 'turn the tap'. 
We have also been making masks on coloured paper.
Mine is an alien with 3 eyes, 2 antennae and a mustache.

the dragon I drew by Quaid

Hi I'm Quaid and I've drawn this dragon. (image below)
It's of Deltora Quest it is a baby diamond dragon,
it breaths ice in stead of fire.
Now it's published in the Upstart Magizine.
I won a Ben Ten Ultimate Ailen Prize Pack
for sending it in.