Friday, August 30, 2013

Science Experiments

In rm3 we are doing our science experiments, all of us have started our science experiments and 4 groups have finished and are starting their science boards.  Some of our classes experiments are:

Witch flavoured berry is the most bouyant - Tom, Ollie, Jack

Witch liquid acts as the best fertaliser - Anna, Caitlin, Maddi 

Which gum is the stickiest after chewing - Braydon, Le'uma, Levi 

Which common liquid other than water can sustain the life of a plant - Natsu, Liam, Josh

By Anna Tom

Thursday, August 29, 2013


A few weeks ago room 3 started writing speeches. First we had to make a brainstorm about what topic we would like to do. We had to pick out of I wish I was there when.... Are you ready for the future Have you heard Can junk food be healthy and lucky last RESPECT the most important one of all the topics. Then we had to write some ideas down on a piece of paper for every single topic. Some people put down for are you ready for the future were hover craft, space resort.

By Caitlin and Shania

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Flick it On

Well we are starting this new thing which  is callled flick it on where we make a 1 minute movie which is silent with no sound affects either.It is based on a quest or adventure. Our movie is based on a quest to get out of school with the characters of

Shania Millin As Teacher/Director
Brittney Dillion As Teacher/Director
Le'uma Finau As Kid
Lucas Hadfield As Kid
Tom Hargraves As Shadow Cameraman
Adam Anderson As Teacher

What happened in the movie was th

Monday, August 26, 2013

Bloggers of the Week

Last Friday the seniors had a senior syndicate assembly and Lolita and Jack from room 3 were running the assembly.Then Jasper also from room 3 talked about his science experiment. Jasper's science experiment was about perpetual motion with magnets.Then we had the bloggers of the week. Bloggers of the week is when two or three people go on to their class blog and write something on there blog. And they look at there counter and see how much hits they got and in the seniors we have this bloggers of the week trophy.Last time room 2 won, dang it! But this we hope we will win and guess what .. we did!Yahoo! So we took that beautiful trophy and put it in our class.
P.S Where it Belongs.

By Caitlin and Shania

Friday, August 23, 2013

Flick it on FINISHED

A while ago the people doing flick it on just finished making their 1 min silent movie.  The class has seen it and yesterday we sent our silent movie to the other people making movies.  The theme of the movie has to be about a quest, our movie is a QUEST TO GET OUT OF SCHOOL!!!!

People participating in the movie:

Actors/Movie men:      
Shania/Sub principal



Tom (me)

By Tom & Jake

Monday, August 19, 2013

The Flick It On Team

Today a Flick It On team is going to do Flick It On, Flick It On is when we make a 1 minute silent movie, then we give that movie to a different school then we get another silent movie and then we put on the sound, after that we pass that on, then we get another movie with sound and we add on sound effects to it and that is Flick It On. At the moment we are starting the silent movie.

By Levi and Jake

Friday, August 16, 2013

The Power Cut

Yesterday on the 15th August 2013 Nelson had a power cut. Adam experienced the power cut while sitting at home. I experienced it while playing on the playground with my friends. The people in Richmond didn't experience the power cut.

By An and Adam

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Free Milk in Schools

Starting next week on Monday 19th August everyone will get free milk in school, except for the people who brung back a notice that says they don't want it. At our assembly the teachers will show us how to fold the milk cartons properly. The milk is just normal cows milk with no flavourings.

By: Adam and An

Friday, August 9, 2013

T3 Rocket Blasting!

On Friday the 8th of August T3 went outside and tried out the rocket to put on this amazing most spectacular blog. Oliver was the one filming the whole thing. Anna and Maddison helped Mr Davis with the rocket. We used Sunsilk hairspray and Rexona deodorant. At one stage of the filming on the second video just above the rocket didn't fire. Levi, Natsu, and Sam ran and got it when it fired!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Final Rocket Story

Last Friday, Mr Davis made an awesome rocket. All of the senior syndicate went out on the front court  at Nayland Primary School. Mr Davis launched the X-treme rocket and it was a fuel powered rocket launcher. The type of fuel was hair spray, then the time happened, he launched the rocket and it went about 10 metres high! Then we tried it again for the last time and it went really high then we went and got back into our class.

By Levi and Liam

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This term are doing Availll. Availll is a movie or a story. Availll is a fun activity for the whole class. It's when you watch a movie and read the subtitles. We don't know what the story is yet but we will today. The movies are: Earth the Power of the Planet, Nims Island, the Water Horse, The Tale of Despereaux and Meet the Robinsons. One of the activities are to find the word that is in the subtitle, and the only help we have is a jumbled version of it in our books.

By Jack and Liam

Friday, August 2, 2013

Our class charter

In the first term of school this year we made a charter and everyone had to put their thumb print on the charter and sign their name underneath.
These are the things that we all agreed on: Caring, Looking out for others, Listening, On task, Honest, Managing self, Teamwork, Effort, Responsibility and Kotahitanga.