Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brain Webquest

brain webquest
Above is the link to my very first webquest. A webquest is an online project that has prepared tasks and links to checked websites.
The brain webquest will be completed in class by the 'Digital Duo' (two students per day using the student laptop). As it will take some time for all students to have their turn it is possible to access this project from here and begin collecting some of the necessary information and planning the Sample Folder title page.
Any concerns with this webquest please let me know as I plan it to be the first of many. We are having some difficulty with posting comments so if you can't comment there send me an email to
All feedback is good feedback.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homework week 4

Hi guys,
We have had a busy day today and homework has not gone out-will be home tomorrow.
If you would like a headstart we will be preparing our mihi-practicing correct pronunciation.
The trick= consonant+vowel e.g. motueka=mo tu e ka, tena=te na.
The students have been practicing the vowel sounds and how to break up a word for correct pronunciation.

This weeks spelling is to create a 20 word crossword (10 across and 10 down) using information about the Treaty of Waitangi to create and make your clues.
A 30 word word-find using 30 words from information about the Treaty of Waitangi.


Tena koutou katoa,

Ko …………………toku ingoa (first name)

Ko …………………toku mama (mother-first name)

Ko …………………toku papa (father-first name)

Ko …………………toku maunga (mountain)

Ko …………………toku awa (river)

Ko …………………toku moana (ocean/sea)

Ko …………………toku kainga tuturu (city you were born)

Ko …………………toku whakapapa (family/ last name)

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Water Polo

Room 3 has two teams in the Senior Syndicate competition-the Shoelaces and the Otters.
The Shoelaces have played twice and lost both games. The Otters have played once and won once with another game today-Good luck!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 3 Homework

Hi There,
This is the first homework sheet for 2009. Please write me a letter telling me about yourself, your goals for this year (what you want to achieve highly in and what you want help with). Tell me something you think I should know about you -perhaps something you don't think others know! 
Complete the following statement;
 "If I knew I could not fail I would..."
Remember to write you letter using the correct letter format (see your homework sheet)
and send it to me in a handmade and decorated envelope.
This is the first handed in homework -please have it in on time (Monday 23rd) and completed to your very highest standard.
Have a good week.

Remember:   Meet the teacher evening Wednesday 18th
                        Swimming Sports next week

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Try your own personality test!

Link to test here

Room 3's Assembly

Room 3 created and presented the first Nayland Primary school-wide assembly for 2009.
The presenters were; Laura, Cameron, Jason, Manu, Conner, Troy, Savanah, Heleni and Kelsey.
We shared a variety of work from the term so far and Kelsey introduced our invited guests, Whaea Madeline and Whaea Vern -two of Nelson's Maori Wardens, to the school.
The work we shared included;
  • Explanations of personality types in Room 3
  • Examples of graphs
  • Brainstorms of interesting words
  • 1/2 and 1/2 pencil sketched portraits
Check out the slideshow of our work!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hi guys,
Welcome to Room 3. I am looking forward to motivating, challenging and celebrating success with your child this year.