Monday, November 16, 2009

A Puzzling Day

Today Mr Wills took our class while Mrs McRobert wrote our reports. Not only did we play a number of puzzles but we discussed good puzzle design and the similarities and differences between puzzles. Mr Wills challenged us to adapt a puzzle of our choice to make it unique.
Troy liked playing the puzzles.
Tunisia enjoyed using her brain in a different way.
Jacob thoroughly enjoyed the different version of capture the flag.
To view the Puzzling Nelson blog click on the image below.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marahau Baywatch-Sand races

On camp bay-watch was one of the four activities that we did. The leaders of each group were in charge of one game. Kate and Laura were in charge of bay-watch. Bay-watch is a relay game where you have to run to get a baton the first person to get the baton wins the round ,we have a few rounds and we find a boy winner and a girl winner. The boy winner was Manu and the girl winner was Savanah. Everyone really enjoyed the relay.
By Kate and Laura TEAM EXTREME leaders

Marahau Sandcastle Building

Last Term on Room3 camp Manu and Tunisia lead the sandcastle sculptures.
What you had to do was you build a sandcastle as a team and build it as creative as you could.
The rules were...
The teams had a limted time to build the sandcastle.

The teams had to be as creative as they could.
No talking back to the judges.
Help each other as much as you can.

The winners of the sandcastle sculptures were the Kung fu Possoms and in 2nd was the Netball Sharks in 3rd place was a draw with .Flaming Nuggets and Team Extreme Thank You For Watching, Room3 is this class.
Written By Manu and Tunisia

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today the Governor General visited our fabulous school. In the picture is the Governor General Anand Satyanand. What a hard name to pronounce. He came into our class and talked to some of us. And a photo guy for the paper was flashing his camera YAY we might be in the paper. The Governor General talked about his job in front of the whole school and told us one thing to remember, that you should read books and make books and reading, your best friend. He had two big scary body guards.
After the assembly he was invited to have a snack , but he didn't.
We had a good time and he said himself that he enjoyed it alot and he bought his wife with him.
By Savanah and Cameron. : )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Build your wild self

Today we went to the New York Zoo and Aquarium website and we built ourselves with lots of animal things. We could add things like shark tails, tiger arms and rhino horns. We think it can help our learning by learning different animals namesand at the end you can find out about all the animals that you used.
We thought it was cool and funny.
You can visit the website here

Using Google Docs

Today we used our Google docs to write a narrative. We all wrote at the same time.
We thought it was crazy but fun.
We think it could help us practice narrative writing. Mrs McRobert said we could use this with our Dunedin writing buddies.
Jason and Tunisia

Problem solving in Bubbledome

Today we went on to it was really cool we got given a mystery by the computer and had to write about it conner and I got given a yellow hat thing. It had sparkles and we had use the clues in the story to invent what it could be used for.
We had to think creatively to make up the explanation. We thought the site looked a bit cartoony and young but the activities were fun and we had to think hard, they only wrote the start and we got to finish it. It was good problem solving.
Troy and Conner

Visit the site here

Saturday, October 3, 2009

NPSRoom 3 gets 'Low' on camp

With snow on the hills outside on Thursday it was time to take it indoors! Big thanks to Miss Nixey who choreographed this in 4 separate groups with the help of the kids. The dance was put together in 4 parts and the kids had not done the whole thing together until this moment!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Interschool Speech Champion-Kate

last night I went to the interschool speech FINALS!
At first I was really excited but when I got to the hall I started to get a bit scared. I was told that I was the last speaker "Yay!" I thought but when I was listening to the other kids speeches I was getting a bit worried, they were really good.
When they called my name to tell me to go up, I was SO scared but when I started I got a nice calm feeling.
Then the judges went to decide, I went over to my Mum and Dad. They told me that I was really good and that I might win.
When the judges came back in I went back to my seat. Then they told everyone who came 3rd then 2nd and then 1st... I came 1st!!!!!
I went over to the judges and got the cup they also gave me a $50 gift card to Postie Plus.
We went home and I got in to bed.
"Thank gosh," I thought, "I'm glad I got that off my chest!"

This is my speech;

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jasmine, Heleni & Shaquille Science Fair

We investigated what brand of Cola made Mentos lollies explode the biggest.

We tried Homebrand & CocaCola. We should have tested three brands so there would be three variables but we couldn't.

We discovered that Coca-cola created the biggest explosion.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Homework -Speech Making.

Homework for last week was speeches- see Homework books.
This week we are presenting our speeches. We are being assessed in three different ways! By Mrs McRobert, by ourselves and by a peer (buddy) Whew...
We are being marked on;
introduction, content (is it on track and relevant), conclusion, and delivery (eye contact, voice, use of notes, and language choices).
Can you help by listening at home and commenting on ways we are doing well and ways to improve in these areas.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kate and Laura's science fair

Our experiment was ''How do different exercises affect your pulse and breathing rate''

Our purpose was that we wanted to know which exercise makes us burn the most calories so we can be fit!

Devonne and Tunisia Science fair

Our Experiment is "What brand of flour bakes the best chocolate cakes?".

Our Purpose was to find the best quality flour.

We descovered Pam's standard white flour is a better quality flour.

Josh and Cailan Science Fair

We did our science fair experiment to answer the question "What sugar coated chocolate melts fastest?"

We discovered that Pebbles melted the slowest and Smarties melted the fastest.

This means that if you buy these lollies in summer, Pebbles will last the longest.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Measurement Links

This term our 'strand' topic is MEASUREMENT
Below is a list of website to visit to improve and practice your measurement skills.

Elapsed Time - tell how many hours and minutes pass during an activity.
Telling time games -time and other fun games (scroll to discover more!)
measurement activites -measuring using centimetres
Metric millionaire game -quiz about metric measurement units
Big or small -measure it all -a site with games and information about measurement

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finding the Lighthouse Diamond Thief

Here is the link to a great science based webquest for all those who are into a bit of mystery!!

Finding the Lighthouse Diamond Thief

Friday, July 3, 2009

Science Fair Term 3

Hi Everyone,
Next term we are going to into preparing for the science Fair in full force as it is due by week 3! There are ideas for projects that have gone home with some students.This does not mean it is a homework task.
If there is a particular topic which has an experiment that will take 2-3 weeks to complete you may begin it in the holidays.
Fill in your Hypothesis (what you think the results will be and why you think that) and your log book (a 'diary' of all the things you did as you complete your experiment.

If you want to do some experiments for fun -Remember... It must be safe and ethical (humane) or supervised!!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Hayden and Ashlee's Variety Show slide show

I think the slideshow is good because it looks real.
The photos show how big the problem is.
By Ashlee.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Invasive vs Native Species -student iMovie

Students have created an iMovie for use in the Room 3 / 5 Variety Show. The final iMovie will have a voiceover from a 'script' written by the students reflecting their learning about both species (native & invasive) in their focus area.
The movie needed to demonstrate negative or positive emotive value i.e. invasive = negative/bullying/invading, native = positive/fragile/at risk
  • 4-5 high quality photos chosen for emotive value.
  • Title slide -font and colour chosen for emotive value.
  • Transitions between photos chosen for emotive value.
  • Optional use of zoom (Ken Burns effect) to highlight emotive effect of the image.
Please comment on how well the students have achieved these criteria

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dear Parents

This blog has been started so the Room 3 blog can be used for showing classroom work and can be run by the students. Homework will now be found here!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Homework Blog link

Hi there,
Because this blog has turned into a homework blog rather than a learning blog I have made a separate blog for homework!
Click on the link on the sidebar to go directly to the Homework blog. Keep looking here to see what we have been up to in the classroom.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Homework week 5

It is week 5 already and time to present your Nga Mihi.
Hopefully you have been practicing since week 3!
Presentations will be on Friday so this weeks homework is to prepare using the assessment matrix as a guide.
Good Luck

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Homework week 6 & 7

This is a 2 week homework task some aspects will be done in class. 
We are focussing on our Term 2 unit -Animal Planet in class and we have linked the Variety Show to this unit. All students have an animal they will portray in the show.
This homework task is to research both the native animal and the invasive species (in some cases this is humans) you are involved with in the Variety Show.
Week 1 -Find out;
  • Natural habitat of both species
  • Food sources of the both species
  • Birth rate of both species
  • How the invasive species was introduced to New Zealand
  • You must include 2-3 sentences in your own words explaining what you think is the impact of the invasive species on the native species' habitat, food source, successful birth rate and how have the effects caused a decline in the native species population levels based on what you have found out.

In class you will present this work on a A3 sheet of paper as a poster.
Week 2 -Publish;
  • A bold title (lettering (font) &  spaced out evenly)
  • Images of the 2 species
  • Your information in 3 sections on the poster -1 for the native species and 1 for the invasive species and 1 for your opinion
  • Effective use of colour to attract attention
  • Effective layout -Think about how you will place the title, text, and images on the poster
  • You may want to use a border or frames (optional)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Homework week 3

Nga Mihi.

This term one of our Te Reo Maori goals is Nga Mihi, a personal introduction, which is an important part of our national identity and understanding of our indigenous culture.

  You need to know your mihi off by heart and pronounce it correctly (see the    marking guide in homework book) You will be expected to present this to the class in week 5.

Tena koutou katoa,
Tena Tatou katoa,
Kia ora koutou,

Ko …………………toku ingoa (your first name)

Ko …………………toku mama (mother-first name)

Ko …………………toku papa (father-first name)

Ko …………………toku maunga (mountain)

Ko …………………toku awa (river)

Ko …………………toku moana (ocean/sea)

Ko …………………toku kainga tuturu (place you were born)

Ko …………………toku whakapapa (family/ last name)

No reira, tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome to Term 2!!!

Homework week 1
We are having technical difficulty with the computer system at school so homework has not been printed today.

Spelling: 10 words to learn and test. Use Spelling City for fun games using your words or practice by  Say it, Spell it, Cover it, write it, check it.
Reading: is to be recorded on the homework sheet now. Record the title and pages read.
Maths: Basic facts at your individual level to be practiced by playing games like 'Salute' or 'Number plates'. $2 shop has add./sub. and mult./div. cards available for ...$2
Websites like and  have games and links to sites for online practice.(NZ Maths site go to; Families-Activities to do at home)

Our Homework interest section is Art Costa's  Habits of Mind. These are 16 behaviours that highly effective people display when facing a problem. These traits have been researched over the 
years and when taught can improve problem solving capacity.
Search 'Habits of Mind' and identify what Habits you use and what ones you know you are not so good at.
Record in your homework book in an interesting way showing the habits 'Striving for Accuracy' and 'Creating, imagining and Innovating' (in other words your work needs to be interestingly displayed and accurately copied).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Homework week 10

No homework this week
Have a happy Easter!!

Homework week 9

Homework this week is finishing your passport then filling in the self assessment section on the last page. Remember to get your parent's signature and comment too!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Welcome to 'Fthreedom'

In Room 3 we have created 'Fthreople' in our Expressive Writing books. Expressive writing is when we do our best writing 'first time' to develop fluency and accuracy. It is work that is not edited or published and it is not usually for an audience.
Rm3 has made our 'Fthreople' so we have a buddy to write letters to. They are like our imaginery friends. 
We have made them in plastercine too and we are going to make homes for them. Look out for more Fthreople adventures!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Using Spelling City

Go to Great Links and select Spelling City.
Login ID = Kelliem Password = nayland
Once you are in you can select spelling lists already created or you can make your own from the existing lists.
Select 'playing games and try 'Match it'
More updates to come!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 7 Homework

Homework this week is directly from the Brain Webquest. See Kellie's Webquests.
Your homework is the answer the questions and complete the quizzes. The Title page will be done in class time.
Complete the work in your topic book this week please.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Homework: Week 5

Homework this week;
The Senior Syndicate Passport is a collection of activities to cover the beginning of the school year and is integrated with our unit;
Being the best we can be.
Please complete
• Map of how you get to school –please draw this into your homework book.
• Senior Syndicate Quiz –Get your parents to help!!
• Leadership. Talk to your parents about the questions on this page to help you form your own opinions.
Next week your parents will be commenting on your work in the Passport. You may need to finish some pages and work on your presentation (including handwriting!).
Word Study:
This weeks spelling is to create a 20 word crossword (10 across and 10 down) using words from the Passport that relate to the Multiple Intelligences / leadership or personal goals
to create and make your clues.
A 30 word word-find using 30 words from Multiple Intelligences/leadership or personal goals.

There are some pages we will finish next week so only complete the ones we have done in class and the ones above!
If homework is not collected at school due to absences students are expected to get the sheet as soon as possible or from this blogsite.

If homework is too hard and needs adjusting to suit specific learning needs the student needs to see me by Thursday of the week the homework is set. They need to explain what is too challenging and suggest an alternative e.g reducing the words in the wordfind etc.
If this discussion is left until after Thursday it becomes more of a time-management issue which I will be less negotiable over!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Brain Webquest

brain webquest
Above is the link to my very first webquest. A webquest is an online project that has prepared tasks and links to checked websites.
The brain webquest will be completed in class by the 'Digital Duo' (two students per day using the student laptop). As it will take some time for all students to have their turn it is possible to access this project from here and begin collecting some of the necessary information and planning the Sample Folder title page.
Any concerns with this webquest please let me know as I plan it to be the first of many. We are having some difficulty with posting comments so if you can't comment there send me an email to
All feedback is good feedback.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Homework week 4

Hi guys,
We have had a busy day today and homework has not gone out-will be home tomorrow.
If you would like a headstart we will be preparing our mihi-practicing correct pronunciation.
The trick= consonant+vowel e.g. motueka=mo tu e ka, tena=te na.
The students have been practicing the vowel sounds and how to break up a word for correct pronunciation.

This weeks spelling is to create a 20 word crossword (10 across and 10 down) using information about the Treaty of Waitangi to create and make your clues.
A 30 word word-find using 30 words from information about the Treaty of Waitangi.


Tena koutou katoa,

Ko …………………toku ingoa (first name)

Ko …………………toku mama (mother-first name)

Ko …………………toku papa (father-first name)

Ko …………………toku maunga (mountain)

Ko …………………toku awa (river)

Ko …………………toku moana (ocean/sea)

Ko …………………toku kainga tuturu (city you were born)

Ko …………………toku whakapapa (family/ last name)

Tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Water Polo

Room 3 has two teams in the Senior Syndicate competition-the Shoelaces and the Otters.
The Shoelaces have played twice and lost both games. The Otters have played once and won once with another game today-Good luck!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week 3 Homework

Hi There,
This is the first homework sheet for 2009. Please write me a letter telling me about yourself, your goals for this year (what you want to achieve highly in and what you want help with). Tell me something you think I should know about you -perhaps something you don't think others know! 
Complete the following statement;
 "If I knew I could not fail I would..."
Remember to write you letter using the correct letter format (see your homework sheet)
and send it to me in a handmade and decorated envelope.
This is the first handed in homework -please have it in on time (Monday 23rd) and completed to your very highest standard.
Have a good week.

Remember:   Meet the teacher evening Wednesday 18th
                        Swimming Sports next week

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Try your own personality test!

Link to test here

Room 3's Assembly

Room 3 created and presented the first Nayland Primary school-wide assembly for 2009.
The presenters were; Laura, Cameron, Jason, Manu, Conner, Troy, Savanah, Heleni and Kelsey.
We shared a variety of work from the term so far and Kelsey introduced our invited guests, Whaea Madeline and Whaea Vern -two of Nelson's Maori Wardens, to the school.
The work we shared included;
  • Explanations of personality types in Room 3
  • Examples of graphs
  • Brainstorms of interesting words
  • 1/2 and 1/2 pencil sketched portraits
Check out the slideshow of our work!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Hi guys,
Welcome to Room 3. I am looking forward to motivating, challenging and celebrating success with your child this year.