Friday, March 18, 2011

House Captain assembly:

On Thursday the 17th of March we had a very special assembly because  this assembly was the one when we choose the house captains. The people that got chosen to do their speeches from our class were Jordana, Grace, Aimee and Lauren.We all did very well! But we are all wondering who are going to be the house captains.We are supposed to find out today.We all have our fingers crossed!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What the most interesting thing we have done in the past week in my opinion....

Over the past week, in my opinion, the two most interesting things were.... 
When we had Mr Deacon. He gave us a poem, then we had to get into groups of three. We had to decide on our parts -(with some people it took a debate!) We practiced our little hearts out until we got it right!
After everyone was ready we had our own little concert, showing off our wonderful talents. We all had some laughs!!  :)
The other thing that was cool was with Mrs McRobert. We had to write a re-count about what we did in the weekend. First we had to write up a plan for our re-count,  in the plan we had to include the "when,what,why,who and how". We also needed to come up with three events and put a star* next to the event we were going to describe the most. Another thing we had to do was come up with six descriptive  words we would use in our re-count.
Lastly we needed to come up with our conclusion, so we wouldn't babble on forever!
After all that we had to write our re-count with detail and description.
We had many other things to rave about at the end of this week all because of our wonderful teacher, the one and only Mrs McRobert!!!   By Jordana.