Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marahau Baywatch-Sand races

On camp bay-watch was one of the four activities that we did. The leaders of each group were in charge of one game. Kate and Laura were in charge of bay-watch. Bay-watch is a relay game where you have to run to get a baton the first person to get the baton wins the round ,we have a few rounds and we find a boy winner and a girl winner. The boy winner was Manu and the girl winner was Savanah. Everyone really enjoyed the relay.
By Kate and Laura TEAM EXTREME leaders

Marahau Sandcastle Building

Last Term on Room3 camp Manu and Tunisia lead the sandcastle sculptures.
What you had to do was you build a sandcastle as a team and build it as creative as you could.
The rules were...
The teams had a limted time to build the sandcastle.

The teams had to be as creative as they could.
No talking back to the judges.
Help each other as much as you can.

The winners of the sandcastle sculptures were the Kung fu Possoms and in 2nd was the Netball Sharks in 3rd place was a draw with .Flaming Nuggets and Team Extreme Thank You For Watching, Room3 is this class.
Written By Manu and Tunisia

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today the Governor General visited our fabulous school. In the picture is the Governor General Anand Satyanand. What a hard name to pronounce. He came into our class and talked to some of us. And a photo guy for the paper was flashing his camera YAY we might be in the paper. The Governor General talked about his job in front of the whole school and told us one thing to remember, that you should read books and make books and reading, your best friend. He had two big scary body guards.
After the assembly he was invited to have a snack , but he didn't.
We had a good time and he said himself that he enjoyed it alot and he bought his wife with him.
By Savanah and Cameron. : )

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Build your wild self

Today we went to the New York Zoo and Aquarium website and we built ourselves with lots of animal things. We could add things like shark tails, tiger arms and rhino horns. We think it can help our learning by learning different animals namesand at the end you can find out about all the animals that you used.
We thought it was cool and funny.
You can visit the website here

Using Google Docs

Today we used our Google docs to write a narrative. We all wrote at the same time.
We thought it was crazy but fun.
We think it could help us practice narrative writing. Mrs McRobert said we could use this with our Dunedin writing buddies.
Jason and Tunisia

Problem solving in Bubbledome

Today we went on to bubbledome.com it was really cool we got given a mystery by the computer and had to write about it conner and I got given a yellow hat thing. It had sparkles and we had use the clues in the story to invent what it could be used for.
We had to think creatively to make up the explanation. We thought the site looked a bit cartoony and young but the activities were fun and we had to think hard, they only wrote the start and we got to finish it. It was good problem solving.
Troy and Conner

Visit the site here

Saturday, October 3, 2009

NPSRoom 3 gets 'Low' on camp

With snow on the hills outside on Thursday it was time to take it indoors! Big thanks to Miss Nixey who choreographed this in 4 separate groups with the help of the kids. The dance was put together in 4 parts and the kids had not done the whole thing together until this moment!