Monday, October 31, 2011

Camp Inquiry-Managing Self Survey

At the moment we have been doing a camp inquiry booklet.We all chose the  Key Competency that we thought was the most important on camp, we think that Managing Self is the most important.

 We have been collecting information from different resources e.g our principle-Mrs Gulbransen and Miss Mason to prove that our key Competency is the most important. We have been making surveys and we put them on survey monkey to help prove our point that Managing Self is the most important Key Competency on camp.

The link to our survey is:
Please take our survey.

Camp Inquiry Survey J and L

We have been doing a camp inquiry project and as part of that we had to make a survey. We had to prove that our key competency was the best! The website we made it on is called survey monkey. Here is our link: we had to do 10 survey questions on our topic; relating to others.

There were 5 groups and each of them had a key competency to work on.

There is managing self, relating to others, thinking, understanding language symbols and text and finally participating and contributing.

Make sure you check out our surveys!