Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The photography challenge.

This week we have been assigned to a photography challenge. The students had to learn and use the rule of thirds in their  two photos within the school grounds. If you didn't know the rule of thirds it is... if you were to have a grid on your camera while you were taking your photo ( which we actually had for planning, ) you would not put your main focus in the center of your grid screen ( which again most peoples gut instinct would jump to do. ) Instead you would put in the corner somewhere for maximum effect and then you could get some detail on where you are, who you are with, etc. That's it! Pretty complicated to explain, but if you try it you will get the hang of it. Same as every new thing you try.The winner of the challenge will win an ipod touch!!!! This competition is open to anyone so you can compete. Go on, get snapping!

We also learned about angles of the camera, getting lower for a tower effect on the object or up high for a birds-eye-view over your centerpiece.

This is a photo of a ladybug found in our school gardens by Grace and the photo was taken by Mrs McRobert, room 3's teacher.  ( Left. )

In loving memory of Mischief Frederick Coxwood ( the ladybug, ) who is flying to the top of the class with his kind heart and budding talent. He is resting in our school gardens peacefully with all our love and care.

By Lauren