Friday, August 28, 2009

Homework -Speech Making.

Homework for last week was speeches- see Homework books.
This week we are presenting our speeches. We are being assessed in three different ways! By Mrs McRobert, by ourselves and by a peer (buddy) Whew...
We are being marked on;
introduction, content (is it on track and relevant), conclusion, and delivery (eye contact, voice, use of notes, and language choices).
Can you help by listening at home and commenting on ways we are doing well and ways to improve in these areas.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kate and Laura's science fair

Our experiment was ''How do different exercises affect your pulse and breathing rate''

Our purpose was that we wanted to know which exercise makes us burn the most calories so we can be fit!

Devonne and Tunisia Science fair

Our Experiment is "What brand of flour bakes the best chocolate cakes?".

Our Purpose was to find the best quality flour.

We descovered Pam's standard white flour is a better quality flour.

Josh and Cailan Science Fair

We did our science fair experiment to answer the question "What sugar coated chocolate melts fastest?"

We discovered that Pebbles melted the slowest and Smarties melted the fastest.

This means that if you buy these lollies in summer, Pebbles will last the longest.