Tuesday, May 29, 2012


We had to preform our Mihi to the class.
We were meant to say it with out looking at the paper unless we had to. Some of the class found it challenging pronouncing some words. About three people did it with no words the rest of the class had a few glances at it. Some people found it amazingly hard.
In the end it was really fun. At the end everybody had done well.


Monday, May 28, 2012

E Tu Kahikatea

This is one of our school waiata. We are learning to sing it when we are manuhiri (visitors) so we can do our powhiri at other schools. We can't use Ko Toku Marae Tenei when we go to other places because it is only sung when you are the tangata whenua.

WOW! Whipping up a storm!

WOW Week with Mrs Power!
Last week Nayland Primary had WOW week and in Room 3 we did soo many different things based on cooking (the whole school had WOW week in their classes and it was all to do with baking/cooking) We had lots of parents and friends come in for cooking demonstrations and some we even got to try do on our own!
We made-
1. Maori Fry Bread - Deb Masters
2. Pasta Mania! - D (Eden's step father)
3. Super Smapples - Mrs Power                                               YUM!!                             
4. Sausage Rolls - Alison (Kallum's mum)
5. Cookie Monster Cupcakes! - Mrs Power      
And loads, LOADS more! (:

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Animal Antics

Last week we had our Book Week. The theme was Animal Antics.
On Friday we had Dress-up book character day. Mrs McRobert came as Miss Trunchball. She was too sacry to even take a photo off. She brought in her dog Ailis dressed up as a fairy. It was fun having a dog in the classroom until lunchtime.

This is Ailis in the classroom.
 This is the parade with Mrs Payne as Mary Poppins.                         

This is Mr Power as the Man Fairy and Mr Canning as Willie Wonker.

World War 1 -Gallipoli

This morning Rm3 were learning about World War 1, we learnt; what it was about, who it was with, where it mainly took place, how many people (approximately) died and why the battle meant so much to New Zealand and Australia. Over 120,000 people died in World War 1, which is a massive amount of people! Those soldiers are/were really brave.

NZ Music to sing to

This is Jamie McDell, a great tune and the lyrics are on the youtube clip so you can sing along.