Friday, September 11, 2009

Interschool Speech Champion-Kate

last night I went to the interschool speech FINALS!
At first I was really excited but when I got to the hall I started to get a bit scared. I was told that I was the last speaker "Yay!" I thought but when I was listening to the other kids speeches I was getting a bit worried, they were really good.
When they called my name to tell me to go up, I was SO scared but when I started I got a nice calm feeling.
Then the judges went to decide, I went over to my Mum and Dad. They told me that I was really good and that I might win.
When the judges came back in I went back to my seat. Then they told everyone who came 3rd then 2nd and then 1st... I came 1st!!!!!
I went over to the judges and got the cup they also gave me a $50 gift card to Postie Plus.
We went home and I got in to bed.
"Thank gosh," I thought, "I'm glad I got that off my chest!"

This is my speech;

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jasmine, Heleni & Shaquille Science Fair

We investigated what brand of Cola made Mentos lollies explode the biggest.

We tried Homebrand & CocaCola. We should have tested three brands so there would be three variables but we couldn't.

We discovered that Coca-cola created the biggest explosion.