Monday, February 21, 2011

Basketball training with Mike from the Nelson Giants.

On Monday 21st of February we had basketball training with Mike from the Nelson Giants basketball team. We worked with him from 11:45 until 12:20. The class learnt basketball skills such as the Long Drop, the Egg Beater and the Nutcracker as well as a easy way to shoot perfectly. It involved making your arm a giraffe's neck and flicking your wrist, then pointing your fingers downwards which, makes the ball fly high  above your head while spinning and falling into the net. He also taught us the proper way to dribble, including how to dribble down by your knees, with your left hand, right hand, with two balls and how to dribble while flicking the ball between both hands. He gave us some things to practice at home and made us do push -ups!!! We had  ball! (He he!) We are very  thankful for this brilliant experience! Thanks Mike!!! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Which personality are you?

From the activity we did at school today -record your personality on your learning crest. You or your parents might like to try the quiz on the links list to find out more...

Driver (Lion/Bear):
Know what they want and how to get there!
Communicates quickly, gets to the point
Sometimes tactless and brusque
Can be an "ends justify the means" type of person
Hardworking, high energy ?Does not shy away from conflict

Expressive (Otter/Monkey):
Natural salesmen or story-tellers
Warm and enthusiastic
Good motivators, communicators
Can be competitive
Can tend to exaggerate, leave out facts and details
Sometimes would rather talk about things than do them!

Amiable (Turtle/Dove):
Kind-hearted people who avoid conflict
Can blend into any situation well
Can appear wishy-washy Has difficulty with firm decisions
Often loves art, music and poetry Highly sensitive
Can be quiet and soft-spoken

Analytical (Fox/Owl):
Highly detail oriented people
Can have a difficult time making decisions without ALL the facts
Make great accounts and engineers
Tend to be highly critical people
Can tend to be pessimistic in nature
Very perceptive

No one personality type outshines the other or is preferable to the other - but all complement each other in different ways. If you are choosing a team for a difficult task, it is a good idea to have representation for each on your team for a balanced approach to the task at hand.