Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Welcome Gideon and Diego!!!

Welcome Gideon and Diego to room 3 in Nayland Primary. We have had 2 new children in our class since the third to last week of term to Monday.
On Wednesday we are getting another kid called Jake which is very exciting for us, and we will have the BIGGEST CLASS in the whole school!!!!!!!!! Gideon and Diego are both loving Nayland Primary and we always welcome them and make them feel like they've been here for ages.

By Jenaya and Dominique

Monday, July 29, 2013

Race to 1,000 views!

Here in Nayland Primary School Senior syndicate every class is racing to get to 1,000 views on our blog and we all think our class is doing amazing but every other class is doing good too.

Our class already has over 6,000 views, (that's because we started ages ago) but we had to start the count from when we had a bit over 5,000 views, this race started today on 29th July and we are doing really well so keep viewing and help us get to our goal, we are also starting the blogger of the week this week, Teana and me are glad that we are the first bloggers for T3.

By: Jenaya and Teana

Friday, July 12, 2013

Blogger of the week

Next term we are having Bloggers of the Week and we are going to challenge Room 2 to see who can get one thousand views and we are responsible for using the class blog brainstorm sheet at the beginning of each week next term so please view our blog so we can beat Room 2!!!!!!!

By Liam

Thursday, July 11, 2013


In 2 more days the school holidays will begin, it will last 2 weeks plus Saturday and Sunday this week. I’m not doing much in the holidays because there’s nothing to do, but I will probably hang out at home and maybe go to Richmond, Tahunanui or my friend Nat’s house. Also my little brother might want some new toys and make my mum go mad during that 406 hours.

By An

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Swimming Lessons

On Mondays and Tuesdays Ryan and I go swimming at the ASB Aquatic Centre, for practice to learn more swimming techniques. I nearly did a whole length of overarm. I think I have improved heaps from the when I started. I couldn’t do much of the things I could do now. It is a privilege to go swimming at the Aquatic Centre. I enjoy going swimming, I think Ryan and I are getting better every time. First we get dressed and then get ready for the lessons.

By Levi

Monday, July 8, 2013


On Thursday the 4th of July 2013, the Senior Syndicate had a variety show. The order of the performances went, Room 4, Room 5, Room 3 then Room 2. The show was at the Nayland College hall. We were doing it to entertain lots of people that came to see us perform amazing shows. The theme was Saturday night at the movies, but really, I thought it should’ve been Thursday night at the movies.

Firstly, when it was our turn we went down the stairs and into the staff room. Mr Davis said “If we make a mistake just pick yourself up and get on with the show, because the crowd doesn’t know what we’re doing.” He gave us jelly beans just before the show started. When the other class had finished, which was room 5, we went up some stairs and onto the stage. There were 5 groups: Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Avengers, Transformers and Alice in Wonderland. We got behind a curtain, then Anna and Quaid got to sit on the couch to start the show, but Mr Davis thought our show was more like a production. Then the enormous curtain opened. After Anna and Quaid did their little starting talk, Ilaria came out from the curtain and said ‘You’re joking, there’s no way the Transformers are better than the Lord of the rings. We’ll see about that, yep it’s on now.’

Secondly, Jasmine did her speaking part and introduced our groups, oops I nearly forgot, our title for our variety show was battle of the Mega Movies. The order of the introduction went Alice in Wonderland, Avatar, Avengers, Transformers and Lord of the Rings. After a while, everyone went onto the stage staying in their groups. Eventually Alice in Wonderland did their dance. After they did their dance, all the groups did a speaking part. I had to say ‘We are truly the greatest movie and like you we have stood the test of time as a truly great book.’ Lord of the rings was the second group to do their dance, then the Transformers did their dance. Then the paparazzi did their job [Quaid and Diego] while the Lords and Transformers slowly, but not too slowly, walk to their curtains.

Thirdly, the Avengers did their dance and walked to a spot and pretended to knock down Avatar’s home tree. Avatar began to get completely furious and got into position to start their dance. I have to admit Avatars dance was pretty good, I don’t think they liked only having one little clap, but its better than no clap at all.

Finally we got to the end of the performance and we all got out onto the stage, got ready to do our whole class dance and LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION! ‘STANDING IN THE HALL OF FAME. That was the end. We all slowly walked off stage and went back where we all started, in the classroom.

By Dominique