Monday, December 9, 2013

Annoucement of House Captains

Last Friday we had people from each house from the seniors to share House captain speeches!!
From Spooner were: Tate, Clay, Caitlin and Jacob.
From Heaphy were: Anna, Ilaria, Liam and Sarah.
From Brunner were: Levi, Tai, Kenya and Carlee.
From Cotterel were: Matthew, Mackenzie, Hannah and Connor.
The Teachers said it was a very hard decision because everyone's speeches were very good (as the teachers commented).We will find out who will be the house captains at the following Tuesday's  special assembly. There are two house captains and two deputies so almost everyone will at least be a deputy, it is usually a girl and a boy for captains & deputies, so not everyone 
will get a place.

By: Caitlin And Anna

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