Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yr 6 Day on Wednesday

On Wednesday we are having a yr 6 day where the yr 6's celebrate and have fun, on the end of the day we will be doing things in this order:

Yr  5/6 Mihi
Yr 6 assembly with National Anthem
Yr 6 speeches 
Principal's speeches
Year 6 certificates
Farewell Waiata: Po Atarau
Morning Tea 
Swim At Nayland Pool
Sausage Sizzle BBQ
Big DAY Out Concert/Music
Outdoor Games
Water Fight Starts at the top Field
Clean Up / Pack Up
Debrief / Reflections Of The Students.

 This is what the yr 6's get to do for fun tomorrow (on Wednesday 11/12/13)
but the year 5's have to wait until next year (sadly)

 By Anna and Caitlin

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